Suicide Attempt by Escitalopram and NSAIDs?

Yep! I'm his sister, and I'm 20. He came to me and asked what could hypothetically happen if someone did this, since I'm going through nursing school. Told him well this hypothetical person could get their liver messed up a bit from all the NSAIDs... We looked up the meds he took together, and asked him about his symptoms. I think he very well knows how much I care about him and want to help. My heart physically hurts for him, you know?

Great news! I think we've got our bases covered for now; his doctor suspects possible liver damage (as did I), so he's going to get a liver function test done tomorrow to check clotting studies and all that good stuff. 3 psychiatric doctors have been referred to us, so he will be meeting with one of them once we pick who he wants to go to. Doctor suspects that his antidepressant dosage needs to be bumped up to 20mg since he was doing very well until now. Can't do that until we find out results of the liver function tests, though. As far as therapy goes, he's only been to one session, and that was last week, Wednesday I believe. I'm staying close to him for the time being. My sister and I both struggle from mental stuff as well (growing up in a household w/ lots of arguing thanks to my mom who's got uncontrolled Bipolar disorder) and never got help like he's getting now. I'm just so happy my parents are taking this seriously and not blowing it off like they did for my sister and I. We will be distributing his meds to him now, also will lock up gun ammo and other meds.

Thank you for your advice and time, hope you're having a great day.

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