Suicide is my character arc

Could you please elaborate on how your suicide would create something greater?

The thing is that suicide isn't poetic or grand. It can be framed as if it was and glamorised, sure. We've all seen it in movies, or heard it in songs, read about it. In fiction it can be a plot device, an easy way to create drama, a way to get a point across, a motivation for other characters, an ending if the writers feel edgy...

But this is not how it works. There's a reason these stories usually focus on the set up and the aftermath instead of the actual death. It's that dying tends to be pretty disgusting and generally unpleasant, with vomit and bodily fluids in places where they don't belong and horrible, all consuming panic when the reptile part of the brain notices what's going on, the pain... It's not really glamorous and can undermine the message.

Stories are told to and for an audience. The boring and ugly parts are cut out and they have an underlying message the story-teller wants to get across. In real life we don't have an audience to satisfy. We have to live through all the boring and ugly parts and the one thing that we all have in common is that we don't really know why we're here in the first place.

A suicide won't give your life meaning or send a message and on top of that it will rob you of the opportunity to do so in the future. It will definitely end your character arc but also prevent your protagonist from growing into someone you actually like and respect. These arcs tend to be a lot more satisfying. It's not too late for you to get help and turn your life around.

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