Suicide rates among persons aged 15 years and over, by sex and age: United States, 2006–2016 [OC]

I'm not saying you're wrong, but that all women are socialized to be open and have a better understanding of their feelings is just plainly wrong. Maybe majority, maybe. But I've lived my whole life dismissing my feelings and mental health issues. Every time someone wants to have an emotional conversation with me I get angry and rude. I can't even handel people telling me they love me without getting annoyed at them for being sentimental. I'm emotionally unavailable in relationship, and I know there is no point in going to therapy for my depression because I wouldn't be able to talk anyway.

Men constantly bring it up. "We can't talk about or feelings because of society. Woman can". I hear this all the time. Woman constantly get shamed for being emotional as well. People love to call emotional women irrational and stupid. I feel like this doesn't just apply to men.

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