'Summoning Insight' Episode 67, with special guest Jankos


0:00 Welcome to AlphaDraft 2:25 Introduction to Monte and special guest Jankos 4:57 LCS, Thorin's perspective on Jankos' LCS career 6:32 Jankos' LCS career in his perspective 8:23 EU LCS 9:45 Roccat, Jankos' view on Roccat 12:35 LCS coaches and their logic and competency (long discussion) 16:50 Monte's thoughts on Spring Split Roccat 17:20 Changes from Season 4 to 5 18:59 Jankos' view on Nukeduck 22:20 Comparison of Nukeduck to Ryu 23:30 Thorin's advice on bad mid laners from a jungler perspective 25:02 Jankos' response to Thorin's advice, H2K vs Vitality game 30:16 Thorin's analysis of good EU players vs. good NA players 32:18 LCS meta as of right now (long discussion) 40:46 The mentality/emotional management of Roccat's players (long discussion) 46:20 Nukeback's effect on his team members 50:44 Jankos' opinion on Nukeback, Thorin's advice on NA junglers 52:22 H2K, Ryu and his role and mentality on H2K (LMAO moment @ 53:44) 58:00 H2K's long games? 1:00:30 Twitter quote on Nukeduck segment 1:01:32 Runes and masteries 1:03:35 Really? Ryu did that?, Ryu's expression -_- 1:09:03 Ryu's view of Jankos as a jungler? 1:10:12 Ryu establishing his dominance, Thorin's opinions on why Kasing left H2K 1:11:30 FORG1VEN and his role and mentality on H2K (very long story) 1:25:05 Gamers 2, Trick 1:29:18 Perkz (up until 1:36:24) 1:33:08 FORG1VEN and Kalista and Thorin's analogy on it 1:36:24 Jankos' final comments 1:37:35 Continuation of Gamers 2 discussion 1:40:03 Kikis 1:41:56 Emperor 1:43:54 H2K vs FNC game 1:46:51 Fnatic 1:51:10 Thorin's date with a korean girl 1:53:56 Spirit 1:54:20 Thorin's One Level of Abstraction, Spirit's jungling style 1:55:43 Nidalee jungle, and other jungle champions 1:58:25 H2K the best team in EU? 1:59:50 Vitality 2:01:30 Origen 2:04:26 Best Western player, Rekkles, NA logic 2:08:53 Unicorns of Love 2:11:10 Star Wars 2:13:22 NA LCS 2:14:08 Immortals, comparison of Wildturtle's and FORG1VEN's mechanics 2:19:57 Which team can stand up to Immortals?, IEM World Championships 2:22:05 Team Solo Mid, Bjergsen and Doublelift 2:25:04 Coutner Logic Gaming 2:27:26 NRG Esports 2:30:25 Team Impulse 2:32:23 Renegades, Freeze 2:33:40 Visa issues (very long discussion) 2:46:46 Continuation of Renegades 2:51:19 Remi 2:52:13 LCK 2:53:14 SK Telecom T1 K 2:56:53 ROX Tigers, Peanut 3:03:19 MVP Of LCK (continues at 3:16:36) 3:05:00 Jin Air Green Wings 3:07:25 TrAce 3:09:07 Longzhu Gaming 3:13:26 KT Rolster 3:14:38 The LCK bottom-tier teams 3:16:36 MVP Of LCK (con't) 3:17:04 LPL 3:17:56 Looper

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