Sundance wants to distribute your film

Key takeaways:

What Sundance Needs

Fellows participating in the program will be expected to devote significant time and energy to the release of their film.

Fellows will be required to be fully transparent about their experience, including audience data and revenue numbers. This information will be turned into detailed case studies that will be publicly released by the Institute.

Fellows will be required to participate in weekly calls with Sundance Institute to discuss goals, strategy, and progress.

The Creative Distribution team will be available to advise fellows on major marketing and distribution decisions throughout the process.


The film has premiered at a 2017 US Film Festival or been accepted to a 2018 US Film Festival. The festival must be continuously operating for five years or longer.

Films must be completed and feature-length (minimum 70 minutes).

The film’s country of origin is the United States or Canada and the film team lead(s) are based in the United States or Canada.

The film has all of its US distribution rights free and clear to exploit. Notable exceptions may be granted in this case - for instance, films that have licensed their educational/non-theatrical rights.

The film has not been exploited anywhere in the world (e.g. theatrical, home video, subscription video, broadcast) other than through festival screenings

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