Sunday at the Big Donut! August 12, 2018

Hey, I don't really know what's going on with me tonight. I feel pouty, over-stimulated, and like I'm missing something. I went climbing outside, had a blast, but got back to my city later than I expected. I also was hungry as sin and having a blast so went for food with some of the other climbers. They're also gay/queer guys. I'm a queer woman. I knew going for food might make timing for seeing my boyfriend tonight harder. I decided to go anyway, hoping to get it all in. I missed him. I still miss him. But had a truly wonderful day, and it felt so fucking nice to be around some queer friends again. I am so confused. I'm not even particularly close with these guys, just always enjoy their company. Things have been going so well with my boyfriend but I feel afraid now that a straight guy, or perhaps this straight guy, won't ever offer the kind of community to me I crave.

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