Sunday General Discussion - April 14th, 2019

Im going to get quite personal here.

Indicud came out when I was 12 years old and I was in middle school. My mom's boyfriend had killed himself one night and this is while my mom was going through a depressive episode so she had been spun into a whole new state of chaos and anxiety and practically had lost it. I was sitting in my room staring at the ceiling for a while, then turned on Indicud and turned off the lights in my room. That was probably the first time I had ever cried myself to sleep and really understood how surreal this world is. I continued to listen to that album throughout the end of my 7th grade year as a way to cope with what was going on in my life. What's crazy is that around this time I had actually just begun really constructing my own music taste instead of listening to everything my brother listened to, so I truly felt like I was actually going through a phase of becoming a teenager. I know that a lot of people say this and it seems corny, but Cudi really assisted me throughout my teenage years and I can't really think of many artists maybe other than Tame Impala that have impacted me in such a way.

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