The Sunday Sesh Night Thread 19.07.2020

I’m learning about the cryptids of the Appalachian Mountains because I’m going to move there after the pandemic and live in a cabin. My reference material is this very scientific show.

I sort of have a budget. I have a spreadsheet with all expenses and track/forecast savings. Except I’m a tad loose with it. Our fortnightly grocery budget is $400 and I probably go over it more than I should. We also have a fortnightly fun money allowance except because I can’t do anything fun at the moment, it’s become pretty sizeable. It’s tempting to blow it all in one go. I’m fortunate enough to be at a point in my life where I don’t live pay cheque to pay cheque. Far from it. Having done that for many years, it’s pretty rad not to have to do it.

I love sausage.

God tier: (proper) chorizo, andouille

Pope tier: pepperoni/salami, pork, fennel and sage sausages from the farmers market in the Barossa, sujuk

Pleb tier but delicious: Woolworths thick beef sausages, all those German ones you get on rolls

Waste of time tier: any thin sausages, chicken sausages.

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