[Sunday Swap] The Indie Marketplace: Product Requests!

[US to US][SWAP ONLY][PERFUME] Sorry if I’m doing this wrong, it’s my first time posting! All items are from Sixteen92. All purchased directly from S92 and stored in a cool, dark place, aged at least two months.

Looking to swap singles and/or combos of items for: *samples of An Excellent Day For An Exorcism, Bells for Her, Boardwalk, Dullahan, Gothic Lolita, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Le Tout-Paris, Liber Officiorum Spirituum, Myrtles Plantation, Rei, Sauin, The Sound and the Fury, Storm of Fortunes, Talia, Wintering, or You Who Swallowed a Falling Star (all S92) *any size oils or EDPs of Baba Yaga, Death by Stereo!, Last Exit for the Lost, Nereids, Paper Moon, The Bottling Room, I Saw Goody Proctor With the Devil or This House is Clean (all S92) *any other non-gourmand samples or perfumes from other perfume houses. I have some specific ones but I’ll take a look at anything!

10MLs (FULL): *Swarm

6MLs (FULL): *Cloven (label peeled off) *Heliophobia *Hessian of the Hollow *Waverly Hills

SAMPLES (FULL): *A Thousand Times More Fair *Black Sugar *Blood and Honey *Cotton Mather *Der Hölle Rache *Four Fifty-One *It’s History, It’s Poetry *Lolita (2) *Mercy Lewis *New Radio *Room 237 *Salem *Sarah Good *Shadow Show *Southern Gothic *Telepathy *Tituba *Wicked

SAMPLES (HALF): *Clairvoyance *Hellebore *Les Fleurs du Mal (2)

SAMPLES (BELOW HALF): *Bruise Violet *Grimm (half size) *Melliferra *Il Dolce Suono

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