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Actually I went ahead and read it, and bro shut the fuck up. I never said you don’t deserve to be happy you actual Neanderthal. I don’t give a single fuck if you are a war vet. Maybe if you weren’t such a moron you wouldn’t have gotten disabled ;) I never said I was owed shit and even said what I was saying was unimportant and was just ranting to rant. Part of me doesn’t believe you’re a vet or a family man because who the fuck is both of those things but is also a mindless instigator on fucking Reddit. I’m sure your wife would ecstatic to see her badass vet husband screaming at strangers about Uber online lmao. You saying you were happy with it wasn’t at all what pissed me off. What pissed me off was you putting “I have to work for a living” and that degree of petty bullshit in your initial comment. You fucking insulted me blatantly multiple times. What the fuck is wrong with you? Did whatever took your fucking ability to function also cause you to suffer short term memory loss? Jesus Christ.

And no, I can’t “pay my fines to get my license back” nice assumption though you actual fucking orangutan. I have to wait 5 years. There are no more fees to pay, I simply can’t drive legally in my state until 2024 and it was from street racing lmao.

It’s like every single thing you said was a red herring or words you put in my mouth for the sake of insulting me as much as you could possibly muster. Shut the fuck up, king. Nobody cares. Go talk to your kids or something.

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