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I don't see why I should bother defending my political ideas. All I said was that it wasn't a political sub. But yeah, mostly left though (for now, local elections). I don't talk about politics much on the internet (for good reason)

all you ever do all day is obsessively post to incel and anti-incel subs

But yeah, working 2 jobs that have nearly no human interaction gets boring. Sometimes I feel like shitposting. I don't even believe/relate to most of the stuff I say. It takes 2 minutes to pull out a phone,nread a post and say something. Also don't have much to say on other subs cause Braincels is the only I sort by /new/

But shit, since you wanted to be such a detective, you could have at least dug deeper and found out that I often delete my posts cause my Karma just doesn't match up with my post/comment history. I post on several others. I just haven't deleted the incel ones yet for transparency sake. I'm sure there's a few I've missed

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