Do you support increasing the stimulus check’s amount from $600 to $2000? In your opinion, how much *should* this round of stimulus checks be?

Not the guy you responded to but the way I see it, if your business fails because of your own doing thats on you. It sucks but that just happens. If your business fails because your government is forcing you to halt or significantly hinder your operations with legislation, there should be a sort of compensation for it as they were responsible for it in the first place.

Sure it won't affect everyone the same. You can work your office job from home but I cant run my heavy machinery outside of the workplace. However my supervisor can do his job just fine from home because of remote systems.

I wouldn't necessarily call it a failure of capitalism when legal ramifications exist that would otherwise have no affect on the business.

I'm not hurting for money. With all the unlimited overtime I've gotten this year I actuslly made about 30% more this year than last. But my wife lost half her income because if restrictions so were pretty much balanced out. I know my position isn't like everyone else's. I know people who had their vehicles repossessed, maxing out all their credit cards theyre suddenly getting offers for in the mail so they can feed their kids, and other bad situations because of the restrictions.

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