This is supposed to be a scary game.

doesn't mean you should be seriously dissing people who do enjoy it.

Sorry, I can't bring myself to accept, condone, embrace, or even just "let it be" now that I know people pay for and spend countless hours watching other people sit in front of a screen and waste their entire lives away escaping reality through a video game.

I can understand a game if it brings you together with people, or get gets you moving around like those Wii things, that makes sense.

But if you enjoy sitting down and watching someone play video games and you give them money for you, you seriously need to look at your life because you've hit probably the lowest of the low at that point. It's absurd to do that - it's absolutely positively absurd.

I'd say the same shit to somebody sitting in their house all day watching The Price is Right.

A lot of people who watch these videos perhaps can't afford the console or game

So, go out, get a job, save money and buy one. Or, you know, go outside and do something fun and physical and healthy.

And, if they have enough money to give to someone playing games, they can buy a console.

perhaps don't have the hand-eye coordination required to play most of these games or be good at them

...this doesn't even make sense to me. If you can't push buttons, then I assume you're mentally disabled, in which case watching these videos would actually make sense.

As a kid I used to love watching my brother play Ocarina of Time because I sure as hell wasn't able to beat it myself.

I couldn't beat it, so I stopped playing and went outside and did stuff that was way more fun. When I was a kid playing N64, you only did that when there was literally NOTHING else to do.

But if you really think the world is fucked because there are people who like watching other people play video games, then hey, be my guest. But that's pretty fucking rude in my opinion.

Yeah, well, I'm not interested in being PC when it comes to such an atrocious waste of time.

I actually think this is very, very sad. It upsets me that this is even a "thing".

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