Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

I just saw Dick's sporting Goods offering 4K in compensation to any employee working in a state where they operate who needs to terminate a pregnancy in another state.

Countries like China encourage abortions because it keeps population size under control and the workforce more manageable. Parents raising kids are not good workers. More efficient to let grandparents or other lonely elders raise one precious, coveted grandchild (perhaps 2 now in most places) and keep both parents of childbearing age working and producing.

The Chinese people did not revolt at the 1 child policy. It did result in a crazy gender imbalance on scale where there are now not enough females for all the kept "1st sons".

As a blanket corporate policy, I hope people see that this kind of policy works both ways, both essentially in corporate favor. Your good workers who want to keep working, will be able to keep working for a pittance of a bonus benefit. And your employees who want to have all their babies wouldn't stay working anyway.

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