Supreme Court ruling pulls rug out from under article of impeachment

Still there. Get your shit straight before you accuse others

Still not there. You are aware on reddit, if your post is deleted -- you see it in your profile yet you will not see it anonymously, yes?

Actually, no, the House hasn't decided that yet.

Oh i'm sorry, forgive me. Tomorrow. Clock on those Pardons are a ticking. I reject the "Nixon resigned because the Senate was going to remove" excuse. I think it was the pardons.

You realize you just posted a link to the word "nonjusticiable." Now you got the i, but you lost the c. Keep trying.

I could mispell it humperdinklovesbunnyrabbits and it still won't make your claim justiciable. Pretty sure a recent Judge just pointed that out in her ruling, including shitting all over OLC "opinions" which have never been tried in court.

You said you support impeachment? Then why are you completely clueless to the process and causaility that lead us to this?

One jurisdiction they do have is settling disputes between the other branches. If withholding documents is considered executive privilege then the House will be, on that article, trying to impeach him for something that's perfectly legal.

There is no dispute. THe evidence of abuse of power and contempt of congress is incontrovertable. Whatever dispute you've created, it's completely made up in your mind.

That resolution, can in fact, come after impeachment. It's quite the evidence load for obstruction of congress as is.

The House, not Article 1 on the Senate, not Article 2 at all, and not Article 3 at all, has the sole power of impeachment. Already.

If you don't like it, Article 5 it or tell the Republicans they missed their chance last week to create a factual narrative.

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