It sure is awesome being a woman in America rn. Trolls, how do you cope with hopelessness?

  1. Bernie has never done a damn thing for women. He’s never done a thing for anyone. He didn’t earn my vote. Biden has dedicated much of his career to advocacy for women. His alleged accuser was singing the praises of that same advocacy as recently as the last few years.

  2. Cool that Roe doesn’t matter to you or that you think abortion services are only for middle class women. Must be nice to be soaking up that much privilege all the time.

I’m not even going to dignify the rest of the totally inaccurate fear mongering nonsense in your post with a response. Logging off for the night. Anyone who is reading this should read Biden’s platform and find even one small thing that makes them more comfortable with voting blue in November. Be well everyone.

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