Surgeons Labored to Save the Wounded in El Paso - NYTimes

That makes sense- I suppose my concern with that is what diagnostic criteria are used to assess if someone should be allowed to have firearms? If I have wrestled with anxiety and depression my whole life, but hunting or going to the range gives me peace and is my escape, then will I be prevented from owning a firearm? Or what if someone has PTSD because they served downrange- is that grounds for prevention? Seems like it would create more barriers to seeking mental health services for those who aren't inclined to do shootings.

Also, one would need access to mental health services to make that assessment- which could potentially solve the problem in the first place. If someone's psychology is so far gone that they're willing to commit such an act, then they will find a way to do so. See the machete or acid attacks in the UK. I just think the solution is in subsidizing mental health services for the entire country. Seeking help has to be destigmatized and we need more checks in place throughout the course of a childs life. Gun control is an emotionally provocative and controversial topic- it's easily leveraged by both sides of the political aisle to garner votes.

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