Surgery destroyed my voice. Now what ?

I am not a member of the community, but when I was a teen my mother had a tumor on the thyroid, and one of the risks of the surgery was that the vocal cords could be nicked, and she could lose her voice. My dad said to us if my mom lost her voice he would kill the doctor. That was very unlike my dad. Fortunately, the surgery went well and mom’s voice was OK, but it was a very scary, stressful and traumatic time. Now jump several decades forward. My friend’s wife in her mid to late 40s had a nodule or maybe tumor on the thyroid and had to undergo surgery to have it removed. Theoretically, everything went well, but after that she started experiencing this condition where in time she could only eat chicken and rice. The doctor who did the thyroid surgery said it was not the result of the surgery, but as the cops say on those procedurals, they don’t believe in coincidence. Jump another ten year’s since the wife’s surgery, and my friend says nothing has improved. They tried getting second opinions and trying to find a cure, but in time they just gave up. I think the friend’s wife experienced some sort of paralysis of the intestinal tract that totally disrupted her eating. Up until then, she was perfectly healthy. I guess that area of the throat is difficult to operate on.

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