Surprise: Los Angeles Has the Worst Traffic in US, Study Shows

Chill out. Hyperbole isn't SUPPOSED to be balanced. I was pointing out a few other obvious problems in a post about an obvious problem with L.A., ALL of which could be handled by city and county government if they'd stop taking credit for the sunshine.

If you think a few off the cuff comments are representative of a "distorted and frankly sick perspective," you've completely missed the point.

My initial statement that:

the LADWP is a fiasco ridden nightmare, downtown's a tent city for addicts after dark, the public schools are awful, and if it wasn't for the sunshine, pretty much nobody would overpay to live here.

were simple facts. The LADWP is a joke, much of downtown IS a tent city for addicts, the LAUSD IS a national embarrassment, and if it wasn't for the sunshine, most of us WOULD live elsewhere.

It's got its good points, for sure, but most of them are DIRECTLY related to the weather. And the Mexican food.

That doesn't mean that EVERYTHING sucks, just that there are a lot of people taking credit where it's not warranted, instead of focusing on the actual issues.

Then we get naive little Pollyannas getting all worked up if someone suggests that everything isn't perfect and robot cars aren't going to be the solution to the city's ills.

Sorry my comments were such a challenge to yourworldview. Why don't you try driving around skid row one night, or sitting in on a class in a South L.A. elementary school, and then come back and tell me how Uber and Elon Musk are our saviors, and the City government's doing a great job, and L.A.'s just a year or two away from being a perfect high density walkable city.


L.A.'s great, but it could be so much better if people would stop pretending the problems didn't exist and got to work on fixing them.

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