The survey just came in, make sure you do your part.

Sup folks looking for feedback before I end the survey - this is what i wrote in the text box, is it okay or did I miss something?

"I have three major concerns with the state of Genshin Impact right now. The first concern is about the glaring security issues that have led to many players' accounts getting stolen because we don't have any form of 2FA security options. Please address the existing security and privacy issues and add some form of 2FA to the login process because as it is I'm too worried about my account security to invest any serious funds into it.

The second concern has to do with the resin system which is still far too restrictive for endgame players. While I like condensed resin a lot, this change was a solution to a DIFFERENT problem. It didn't address the lack of resin, it addressed the lack of time for daily activities. We can now get more in less time, but we still spend the same amount of resin - which we still haven't got enough of. Please either find a way to give players more resin, reduce the resin costs or add repeatable content that's enjoyable and rewarding while not requiring any resin.

My third and final concern has to do with the terrible state that Zhongli was released in. This isn't about just buffing Zhongli as a single character - both Childe and Zhongli have shown a worrying new tendency of locking entire gameplay features of these characters behind constellations that most people won't see. I'm fine with constellations giving them stat bonuses or better damage to their existing abilities, but to lock entire mechanics away only makes it so that most people won't experience the full potential of their characters. Please release feature-complete characters and leave constellations for reasonable power and damage boosts.

That said, Zhongli should still be buffed because even if he was intended to be a support rather than DPS (which is blatantly untrue because he was advertised using the words "DOES HUGE DAMAGE"), it's beyond inexcusable that a 5-star limited support character would require ANOTHER support character in order to be good. Leave that kind of thing for 4-star characters and please make it so that 5-stars are feature complete on release and good in their own right. Thank you for reading. "

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