Survey shows most Americans agree with Ocasio-Cortez: $5 billion should be spent on healthcare or education, not Trump's border wall.

So, Israel should take down their wall. North Korea and South Korea should too apparently, because all people are just really angels. I'm not so sure what is so fear mongering about how the economical system actually works. Like I said, let me in your fairyland (I'll even come in legally and pay my taxes). Illegal Aliens aren't all singing Disney songs, but hey maybe in your world. Just dig deeper than google searching "American Dreamers" because there is a butterfly effect that goes deeper than you're so obviously unaware of. Not everyone is lining up at border patrols trying to sign paperwork... why is that? I could also send you a letter I received from the USCIS where I have been affected personally with my process being extended exponentially due to the influx of SWB inductees, but apparently action's of one person don't affect anyone anywhere else in your books. Can I come live in your home, undocumented? Your family can support me while I'm there.

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