Surviving R. Kelly (2019) - 4-Part Lifetime docuseries on the alleged sex crimes of R. Kelly. (Contains graphic descriptions of sexual & physical abuse of children).

If he's fucking underage girls and shit by all means lock this man up. But all these older women coming out? Nah I dont believe them. He basically pays for these women to live with him, not forcibly, these women were free to leave anytime but they stayed. Why? Because they liked the lifestyle and probably thought the shit was gonna last forever. R. Kelly likes younger women so when he's done with them, he pursues younger women from what I'm hearing. Women dont wanna take accountability for their actions hence why all these women suddenly come out and say he manipulated them and "brainwashed" them when shit hit the fan. Women sell themselves to successful wealthy men, A lot of really successful men have harems, and women dont mind being apart of one. But when it ends and he moves on and leaves them dry, they seek revenge as in this case. Like I said, if he's with underage girls , lock him up. But this is ridiculous and just feeds into the whole metoo bullshit. This has to stop.

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