Survivor: Winners at War | Episode 1 | Day After Discussion & Survey

Dalton’s first tribal conversation overview is quite interesting.

• In the episode, you saw Jeremy and Ben whispering, but there was a LOT more than that. In fact, it was chaos. After those two whispered, then Natalie and Michele started. Then they whispered to Rob. Then Rob and Jeremy started in. Then Rob got up and went over to talk to Ethan. Then it was Michele getting up to chat with Parvati. Meanwhile, Jeremy talked to Ethan, then Adam, then Denise. Then it was Ethan whispering to Parvati, Ben whispering to Ethan, and Ethan and Rob chatting again. Everyone was pretty much everywhere, except for Adam, who never left his seat. He was pretty much alone for a lot of this, never moving as everyone else went around, but then Ethan and Rob finally went over to him. Then it was Parvati and Rob with one last whisper before everything calmed back down. Very surprised none of this made the episode, but with so many “Live Tribals” happening lately, maybe cutting it was for the best. • Right before voting, Natalie asked Adam if he had a plan. “I’ll tell you in secret,” he told Natalie. “Not in the open.” And then Natalie, clearly sensing danger, made an open plea to the tribe: “All I can say is this: I’ll say it out loud. I hope the people who talked to each other stick to the plan. I’m sticking to the plan and I hope everyone else does too.” Jeff then asked if anyone else wanted to make a public statement, to which Natalie replied, “Guys, we do not want to come back here, so let’s stick to the plan.” They did, just not her plan.

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