Survivors of attempted murder: what's your story?

I was stabbed repeatedly at a party.

The drunk SOB was pissed because my friends and I stopped him from beating up his girlfriend. He threw a few punches in the living room as I lured him outside, but he ended up with his head through a wall. When that didn't put him to sleep, a random partygoer broke a large decorative dish over his head. He dropped like a hot brick.

I checked to be sure he was still breathing, but he was completely out. We all went outside to wait for the police and assist the terrified girlfriend who admitted she was pregnant. Good thing we held him back...

While everyone's outside (about 30-35 people) I was hit from behind by the backstabber, but I stayed on my feet. He found a knife in the kitchen and was trying to kill me.

Everyone cleared out pretty quick and I was getting a couple hits in but I was on the defensive, and it was dark out there, so I just tried to focus on his hands instead of his eyes because I couldn't see where he was looking with all the blood dropping down his face.

Dude was raging, gnashing teeth, clearly intoxicated, but fast. He was too close and he got me a couple times in the arms and shoulders screaming "I'll fucking kill you!!!!". Screaming, not yelling. It's different from anticipating a disciplined fighter's moves. Unpredictable and disorienting!

The crowd just stayed back. I prefer to fight at least arms length, so when he was in close with the knife I got nervous, which is probably why I got stuck a couple times. It never hurt but I definitely felt some heat.

The last one woke me up pretty good and I made a quick pivot to remove his focus by striking his throat, turning back and kicking his temple as hard as I could. I don't usually recommend a spinning roundhouse but he was shorter than me - about 5'10" - and was grabbing his neck instead of swinging out so... it made sense at the time. It ended him and that was all I cared about!

Police arrested him, he got 2 years for assault with a deadly weapon and criminal damage. No attempted murder charge for the 11 stabs on me and 2 slashes on a girl at the party. Girlfriend had the baby and married him while he was in jail. He's out now and they live in the same city I do, raising a family and he works as a chef. Supposedly sobered up. Cops said he was on meth and cannabis as well as extremely drunk.

I was treated and released with non-life threatening injuries because of my training. I mostly took punctures to my arms and hips instead of my ribcage, although one did get me pretty good at the top of my left kidney.

The kidney shot was the one that gave me clarity and adrenaline enough to stop punching his head (he wasn't responding to my strikes anymore after the head injury and the blood was fucking up my accuracy, as well as the fact the dark parking lot wasn't helping my vision). So the fact he was trying to kill me might have saved my life!

TL;DR drunk dude at a party tried to kill me with a knife, but ended up living happily ever after. Meanwhile I have a lot of student loans. Fuck.

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