Susan Collins Intentionally Misled the Public about Kavanaugh: She Must be Held Accountable for Kavanaugh’s War on Roe

Joe thank you for your posts. I have been getting into the same conversations over and over, by the way, I'm gonna use 'only the sith deal in absolutes', that's a good one.

People are so quick to dismiss things as too complicated to achieve or its a waste of time to try. Same goes for healthcare, if everyone has healthcare we are a communist evil dictatorship, and there's no in between (I'm talking wholesale slaughter of your own people, that's why healthcare is so scary /s).

We really need to have people in Washington using their damn BRAINS, and not their corporate cheat sheets to make decisions. If Trump is found to be directly connected to Russian govt, I think your solution would work really well, we don't have to bother the janitor at the capitol building, just the parts that affect Russia and any other corruption that is found. Unfortunately it wouldn't change anything done in the name of Christianity, like the roll back of trans and abortion rights that is happening...

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