Suspect financial abuse of mom, she just disowned us

We called Alzheimer's right away

What do you mean you "called Alzheimer's"? Alzheimer's is a disease. Has she been diagnosed with it?

In any event you may want to start the process of getting a legal guardianship over her. Either see a probate or elder law attorney, or you can go to her county probate court (or their website) and get the forms to start the process yourself. Be advised this can be a long, difficult, and expensive process, with good reason, since you will be basically trying to take over her life. Lawyers frequently offer free initial consultations. This is a good place to start.

In the meantime, start a log book. Write down everything that's happened that you can think of up to this point, then as new things happen record them. Try and be very factual, with names and dates in the log. Avoid feelings and opinions; it's not a diary.

Good luck. It's a long sad road.

Source: not a lawyer, but I am a legal guardian.

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