Swanson or Camargo at SS this year?

Honestly, I’m worried about pretty much everyone outside of Freddie. He’s the only guy who is a legit established star with no questions.

We all know Acuna has the chance to be great, but you never really know what a second year guy is going to do no matter how great of a rookie year. Then you’ve got big questions about Markakis and Ender.

The infield is even more worriesome. Albies was bad in the second half, Dansby really hasn’t show he can hit league average and Donaldson has injury concerns. Follow that with Flowers and McCann. Both good catchers, but not exactly great with the bat.

And then the pitching. Lots of young guys in the rotation and pen who aren’t established.

I hate being so pessimistic, but there are so many question marks on this team and as a lifelong Atlanta sports fan I automatically assume the worst.

I hope I’m wrong and everyone takes a step forward, but there’s too many question marks for me to be comfortable going into this season.

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