(Sweden) Major deficiencies in covid care in nursing homes show review (translation in comments)

People still live in some deillusion that Sweden has a great welfare system but in the end, most of Sweden's welfare system is heavily privatized and those that aren't run on new public management, a neoliberal design that cuts costs to generate more profit. Sweden has been run by neoliberal lunatics for over 30 years now. Sweden even allows schools to be owned by risk capital companies and tax payer money to be profited of, the only industrialized nation to do so. This system of profitting of school children was implemented by Pinochet in Chile but was finally removed a couple of years ago. Sweden still the only nation in the world to continue with it.

As a Swede, we have been lied to for decades about how good everything would be in the public sector if we just privatized everything. And now we're reaping what we sow with horrible elderly care and horrible working conditions and payment for those workers.

Many swedes still believe this is all the fault of immigrants and vote for the extremist nationalist Sweden Democrats who were nazis in the 90's, despite the fact neoliberal privatizations were done many decades before. There's some extreme dissatisfaction brewing among people in Sweden right now, and people seem to have woken up after this pandemic to what a societal failure neoliberalism has been for the swedish welfare system.

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