Sweden Risks Blowing Through Budget Ceiling to Pay for Refugees

Ok, so because I worked hard in school, I worked my ass off at work for promotions and I gave up on going out drinking every weekend to do my studies / work I need to fucking defend having advanced over you and is paid more?

You can't possibly be this stupid, you must be a troll. There's no other explanation.

I don't want to pay a dime to pathetic people laying on their couch blaming everything on the rich because they are too fucking lazy or didn't take school seriously, then suit yourself. They're pathetic excuses of human beings anyway, expecting others to do their part for them.

No thank you, I'll gladly pay an income for a person who lost his job as long as he is trying to obtain a new one, because then he will pay it back when I get old.

But someone like you, expecting the ones who worked hard in their life get punished for it and "defend having a high income"? Fuck off.

I can morally defend my high income by saying : I worked hard in school, I sat up many nights studying while others in my class were posting "school sucks" on facebook.

I worked extremely hard to advance 3 roles in 6 months within my company, starting from the bottom.

Yeah, I deserve to be paid more than the one who didn't care about school and does minimum and while he has no tasks sits on his fucking iphone facebooking.

You're delusional. Get out of your moms basement and get back to school.

How do you defend to immigrants, refugees, and young people, the position you have created in the economic system?

Oh, yeah, because we in europe adopted a smart life style and evolved we need to substain africa, you're right.

Oh, no, we don't. We have no obligation to do anything, we built our society ourself, why should they get it served on a silver platter?

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