Swedish Police Instructed to Withhold From Public Suspects’ Skin Color and Ethnicity to Avoid Being Labeled Racist

tl;dr: the PC sentiments don't want us to see every angry Muslim as ISIS, by the same token, they mustn't see every one who disagrees with them on issues of immigration and culture as far right Nazis to be ignored and marginalized!

That's fine, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness about it. You're argument sort of goes against itself a bit when you say

But there is a rape problem in "nice, white areas" of the world, too.

and then

But I think it is jumping to conclusions to assume that their religion alone is the primary factor in the actions these people are taking. Poverty and stress (including things like PTSD) have to also be taken into account.

People in those nice white areas don't tend to have a comparable level of PTSD or poverty...so, why is there still a problem with rape...so values and culture must be playing a prominent role.

Don't forget, those nice, white areas are also very deeply influenced by a traditional set of values originating from the Abrahamic faith systems! IMO, the west hasn't "recovered" from Christianity either. Then again, that's definitely too simple an explanation.

To return to my original point. I like having a discussion like we're having. These sorts of discussions are great. But there are powerful political forces right now that would just blindly want to shut down what I've said for not falling in the bounds of PC or at the very least, cast aspersions of me likely being a bigot or racist for edging too close to those bounds...this is not healthy, it's not in the spirit of democracy or intellectual honesty.

When people say they are concerned about being shut down or ignored because a simple-minded PC mentality is identifying too many people wrongly as being racist or bigoted, I take them seriously, even though there are a few far right, storm-fronting nuts mixed in there.

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