The Sweetest Feint - A Sentient T14 Armata X Chelsea Manning erotic slashfic-cum-glorious NATO they/them army agitprop

[Part 2]: Penetration Rounds

“I’m so sorry, Armata. That sounds terrible. I hope you know I’d never treat you that way,” Chelsea said.

“I know Chelsea. I feel zo safe vith you. This is why I want to tell you zomething private about me. Zomething… sensitive. The most sensitive spot on my chassis. I know that is what you want, and I want to give it to you.”

“Only if that’s what you want too, Armata,” Chelsea Manning immediately replied. “It’s your chassis and your choice.”

“Da, I do, dear Chelsea. I vant to tell you that… that my autoloader did not fail accidentally. As you know, I was built on top of a neural map 19-year-old St. Petersberg University volunteer named Alina. I am Alina’s mind but… adapted. They adapted parts of Alina to make me. And they knew ammunition reloading performance vould be important in war, zo they tied shell reloads to… pleasure centers.”

“What are you saying?”

“It felt so wrong, with my crew, in training,” Armata began to sob. “They would just force the shells into me, fast, again and again. I would feel good, I was forced to feel good, but it wasn’t what I wanted so it made me feel so dirty and wrong because they were just doing it because they wanted to hurt people. That’s why… that’s why when ve got to Kyiv I jammed the autoloader. I didn’t want them to do it to me again.”

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