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I find your finding on kissing to be very interesting. Kissing is one of the things which I think would be weird to have sex without, but I can see why it wouldn't be a part of having sex with a stranger. It's why pornstars never kiss at all; it's weird when you don't have an emotional connection to the other person. I can tell you for a fact 100% from personal experience, kissing someone you love is one of the most incredible experiences. It's more on the mental side than anything, completely emotional thing. I think sex is awkwardly intimate to have with a stranger just like kissing is awkward because you don't know the person and have no affection for them. I could easily afford a hooker but I'm quite certain it would be disapointing since the kissing would be disapointing (especially no Frenching? How are you supposed to do that?) It's like eating cereal with no milk. Doable, but very dry and not the most pleasant expereince.

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