The Switch Needs Optimized Properly

does fortnite have four space ninjas shooting particle intensive laser guns at a 45”9 behemoth that shoots off eight particle intensive lasers while calling minions that heal it with a particle intensive laser and attack the player with burst shot lasers on an open world area which is about 3x larger than the fortnite map? does fortnite have more than 30 enemies on screen at any time who when killed produce gore? does fortnite have more lighting effects than a disco party? may i also mention that warframe has higher graphics and is 1000x more stable than fortnite? how about the fact that literally every thing in the game produces more particles than are produced by a mech using its rockets pre-nerf? can i also mention how intensive the movement system in warframe is? does fortnite have missions where you fly around in space on wings where there are regularly 20+ enemies firing at you? does fortnite have a mode where the map is 20x larger (not even kidding fortuna is massive)? does fortnite have a pvp mode where there is ~10 players using the pre-mentioned movement system fighting eachother with pre-mentioned laser guns and 100s of different swords/side-arms with around 30 unique characters that each have atleast 4 unique abilities that are particle intensive? didnt think so

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