Switched from iPhone 6S Plus to Pixel 3A, disappointed

I tried the camera out on the 3a and thought the night sight was cool, but the lack of sharpness that I experienced with the 3a was a let down. I also saw muddy shadows, which I haven’t experienced even in my older iPhone 6. For the price, the buyer is getting a lot, but there are compromises that were made to bring the cost of the phone down as there need to be to be able to sell it and make money off it. $399 is dirt cheap. Add in the trade-in incentives and it can be had for under $200. Crazy. The phone is worth a whole lot more, and it should jerk the managers at Samsung, Apple and others into understanding that there is a huge untapped market out there for a quality reasonably priced phone, but the audio is not great, the phone scratches easily, and it is quite likely to be not as sturdy as some others. Such is life.

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