Switching from Concerta XR to Vyvanse.

I have been on Concerta and Ritalin for many years, tried many different dosages. Currently, I am testing ritalin 40mg+2x10mg /day. I've allways hated it though, and for a long time I stopped taking it, but it seems I am happier being a robot that gets some work done than being a warm human anchored to my home. A big problem when trying to compare different dosages/tablets/pills is that there are so many factors to how you feel during the day. Did I get so little work done today because my dosage is low/mistimed? Or was it because it was too high and my hands got so cold I couldn't get myself to write anything? Outside/unrelated stress or lack of sleep? Or was it because I discovered this subreddit today, and have been reading on it the whole day?

I want to ask my doctor to try Vyvanse now, but I big issue I expect I am going to have is how well I will be able to tell that it is working better than metylphenidate, or how much I hope it will work better and [placebo]? Hopefully, nothing like this is the case here, after all I only have experience with one type of drug.

Sorry that this comment got so unnecessary long, I discovered this subreddit today and apparently I had a need to talk about some things I haven't been able to before.

TLDR: I hope Vyvanse works for you. I would be careful of potential "miracle-drug"-euphoria that might prevent you from judging what actually works best for you.

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