Sword/Shield Switch Graphics & USUM 3DS Graphics

And how much time would that take? This is just one Pokémon, they have to do it for 800+ Pokemon, plus make a Dynamax model for every single Pokémon as well (I believe someone pointed out that the clouds are part of the model so Dynamax models are separate).

I’m not saying I agree with gamefreak (they made up an excuse that only caused more arguments), but what would you do in that situation? You are pressured to have a game out every year, you are using new hardware that you are not really used to, and you have to upgrade every single Pokémon so that none of them are out of place.

And it’s a new generation so new story, new Pokémon, and new features. That’s really the only reason to buy Sword/Shield. You wouldn’t buy Diamond/Pearl for example, If Greninja was your favourite Pokémon. You would buy Diamond/Pearl to experience the new story with new Pokémon and new features. Even though it might be nice to experience it with some of your old Pokémon, I feel people are too quick to judge Sword/Shield before they have even played the games.

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