Synthetic biologists at UC Berkeley have engineered brewer’s yeast to produce marijuana’s main ingredients—mind-altering THC and non-psychoactive CBD—as well as novel cannabinoids not found in the plant itself.

I know that eggs are the highest or one of the highest in tryptophan, which in creates serotonin. I prefer pasture raised, where they eat their natural diet and not inflammatory feed. Inflammation can have negative mood effects. Vital Farms seems like a good brand, maybe local farm eggs if fed their natural diet of bugs and grass.

I also love sweet potatoes and feel I get good vibes from it. Might be because they’re so nutrient dense or because they’re anti-inflammatory, or the resistant starch (form of prebiotic) from cooking and cooking them. I cook a few microwave and cooled overnight, peel and smash up with a fork, adding spoonful of maranatha almond butter.

Eating lots of fruits n veggies in general can help one feel good. Beans and grass fed beef as well.

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