[T4M] 'The Trap' or 'That time you walked in on your twiggy college roommate dressed convincingly as a girl and bouncing that plump little ass on a big black dildo.'

With the dildo all the way in her ass, she looks back at me with a seducing wink and says "do you like what you see?" waving her ass in the air, dildo still plugged in her hole. 'Fuck she has a really nice ass' i think to my self. I'm finding my monster cock is getting stiffer and stiffer the more those jiggly buns dance around and the dildo jiggles with them.

"So be comepletly honest with me, do i turn you on?" she asks, arching her back as if preparing to be fucked doggy style. 'i know shes my room mate, but that ass looks really tight and im pretty fucking horny, what the fuck, i havent been laid in over a month i may aswell give it a shot.'i think, "yeah, you really do babe, my big hard cock is bulging right now" i tell her. Her eyes light up, she looks so happy and it makes me feel even better.

She turns around again showing ne the dildo still in her ass then she slowly slides it out revealing to me her gaping ass 'Fuck its so nice' i think "So how hard is your cock now stud?" she asks. "its as hard as a rock" i tell her, "well lets see it". Thise words make me realise this is all to real, so i do what i do best and whip out my nearly 11 inch member. Her face is a mixture of shock and impressed, "Wow" is all she says, i can she her cock hardeming but it looks to small so i can definetly deal with this.

Sge crawls swductively o Along the floor on all fours and before i can do anything shes got my cock covered in lube and is giving me the best handjob ive ever had in my life. It tingled it was warm and firm and kept a good speed "this is the best handjob ivv ever had" i tell her. She stops fir a second looks back at me and says, "maybe its good enough your willing to return the favor?" 'oh shit i thought ti myself im hope im not doig too much penis work' i think to myself "but im not gay" i tell her. "thats okay" she says "you wont even notice". So reluctantly i lube up my hand and start stroking her cock i figurw if itll let me fuck her ass soooner than so be it.as se continue to handjob each other we make out abit abd strip each other until were both naked, damn she has some tits how did i not notice all this time "i keeo them under tensor bandages" she says "sorry i noticed you were confused as can be staring at my perky tits, want a suck" without hesitstion i grope and suck on her tits until shes moanibg with pleasure. "this is gonna be a good night" i tell her

After more groping and feeling, she kisses me down the belly and begins blowing my massive cock. I have never had a BJ this good before, what is going on i have had the best handjob and blowjob ever tonight if the fucking js this good i might have to start fucking her on the regular. About 10 minutes gi by and she cant seem to make me cum, then suddenly she wraps her tounge around the head and moves her mouth in such a way that i violentoy explode and at least a few ounce of jizz comes out. She has it all directed into her mouth, and carefully takes my while koad at once and then swallows it down. Fuck that really turns me on, my cock is throbbing again but i loose my erection

After having the best blowjob ever i cant imagibe whats next, to my surprisw she begins giving me a rim job, ive never had one before but my god i was quivering with pleasure. Finally were onto the main event im about to go balls deeo into this hotties ass, vefire i do she turns to me and says "will you warm me up for the main course?" so i decided what the fuck and i blow and give her an awesone rimjob, now shes begging to be fucked hard in the ass.

She bends over doggy style and i slip the tip of my 11incges in her, 'Fuck, its sooo tight and warm' i think. The deeper and harder i go the better itd feel for her so i try my best to squeeze all 11 inches inaide her, shes squealing in pkeasure and mt fuck mycock feeks so good, but so does my ass especially after that rim job. "did the rim job loosen you enough for us to switch roles" 'So that was her motivw for giving me a rim job eh?' "sure what the hell" "Excellent!!!" she tells me.so i pull my cock all the way out and bend over and she puts her rock hard member in my tight ass. It actually feels amazing and within 10 minutes in about to cumm and so is she "let ne cum in your ass" she tells me "ok" was all i said. I can feel her hot load sliding inside if me and for some reason it makes me cum. I have the most intense fully body orgasm of my life im quivering and shaking and she pulls out. She also lets me cumm in her ass aswell, its so fucking tight and juicy mmmmm. This is tge best lay ive had in forever

after the steamy fuck session dhe goes to bed i love watching that ass walk, "god damn you're sexy" i tell her "oh you stud... lets fuck each others brains out again really soon" she says as she gets under the sheets naked and turns out the lights

'Theres nothing i would enjoy more' i think to myself 'Best lay of my life'

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