tac vault make combat the only shot gun in game until heavy shotguns out.

I would say this is a conspiracy but honestly it’s just savvy engineering of a meta knowing the two types of Fortnite players.

The players who want to play to really slay out in pubs, and the arena/custom scrims players are in the same group of people who have no problem queuing up again & again.

Then we have our group which is much more diverse in experience/age who won’t be so likely to keep playing after they continually are getting steam rolled.

Epic is doing everything they can to keep the latter group playing. This means first replacing the pump with a viable weapon like the combat to prevent World War 3. Then completely nerfing the spawn rates of said item.

This creates a lot more chances for the casual group the get into a bloom battle with you, or maybe they even found the combat shotgun.

The buff to the Tac did nothing to give it an edge versus the combat shotgun.

I’ve adapted a lot when it comes to this game, but at what point are they going to change so much it’s not even the game you fell in love with in the first place besides the billion dollar idea of building in Battle Royale.


Epic isn’t as brain dead as everyone thinks. This meta is purely by design. I really just can’t understand why they won’t separate spawn rates and loot pool in Arena which would literally make everyone happy.

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