Taco Bell fries: direct response from the bell

even places like a&w grill their beyond burgers on the same grill as a regular burger so like? what’s the point.

As someone said to you well before you wrote this comment:

Many vegans do not consider shared cooking surfaces/appliances to be a problem since it does not contribute to any further demand for animal products.

That would be the point. If something is fried in lard, then you can argue that ordering fries means they have to order lard that much sooner, which does contribute to animal product demand. But if it's oil, then that arguably doesn't matter.

That being said, I'm mostly with you on not eating anything not homemade for the most part. I think I maybe go to a restaurant or something once a month, if even that. But that's mostly for budget reasons with a bit of health reasons rather than purely vegan/ethic reasons.

Most vegans don't have an allergic reaction to something being cooked on the same thing as meat. It's usually a choice to lower demand of exploiting animals.

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