[Tafur] Just talked to Jon Gruden. He doesn't remember the emails but "certainly I will take accountability for it if it was on my email." Said he was upset about the lockout and that he refers to liars as having "rubber lips." He has reached out to Smith to apologize.

Oh. Well. Yeaaaah...

Honestly this post is the first I've heard anything about all this (I stay away from news and social media) so I've just been assuming "rubber lips" was exactly what was said. Uh... lips the size of Michelin tires... yeah that's a bit different!

I still remember in 3rd grade we had to wait for the cafeteria to clear out and we were sitting against the wall. I had my legs out, a teacher asked me to move them as she was walking her class by and I said "I'll trip them all". I had to go to the principles office and I kept trying to tell them I was talking to my friend & said "I kicked the ball" talking about recess earlier. Holy shit people actually discussing "rubber lips"??

I want the Raiders to be good, the NFL is more fun when they are, I like Gruden... but how on earth are people actually discussing the validity of "rubber lips" if "lips the size of Michelin tires" was the actual quote?!?!?

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