Taiwanese visitor films amazing story of Uyghurs in camps while walking past 1000s of abandoned and destroyed homes in Kashgar.

First of all, on my honest, one can like the country of China without being a wumao. That’s like saying everyone that lives in America is a Trump supporter, which not everyone is. Second of all, I am glad that China is taking a stand against extremism and terrorism. While re-education camps in itself can be compared to the gulag’s of the Soviet Union, and it is extreme to assume that every Uyghur is a threat to Chinese society, what China is doing is clearly wrong. One must not forget while there’s a lovely facade to China, violations of human rights and how they treat Hong Konger’s is completely unacceptable. The violations of human rights go unchecked throughout China. I feel overall with China that their government gets some things right, but it should not be compared to the values of human rights we have here in the west. Anyways, I definitely do like someone who totally isn’t anti-China as every country has their positives and negatives, though China could be doing a lot better.

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