"Taking candy from a baby" would actually be a responsible thing to do.

Mr. Whale sighed as he gazed back at what was always his home; a shallow depression in rocks and mud where his mother birthed him 30 years earlier.
"eeoooowwww", he moaned. He could remember flopping around with his useless flipper-hands and slapping the ground with his sideways tail flippy thing and causing the best dust clouds to choke his siblings, who had long since died.

You see, Mr. Whale could not really go very far. Barrel rolls hurt his back because of all the sharp rocks, but sometimes that's what he had to do in order to get closer to his prey, which were usually injured desert animals and occasionally the odd lizard beast or two. He was the best at it, which was why his sisters starved. There was simply not enough in the immediate vicinity to go around.

With the death of his mother that week, he decided there was nothing left for him to do but move on and try to find a better place. A place where he was not burdened with gravity. It always kept him down, and he wanted to fly like the birds in the sky.

So he started to barrel roll.

Fortunately, his body was thick with calluses so, once the initial discomfort faded, he was content to just keep barrel rolling toward the smell of the ocean, hundreds of miles away. And before he knew it, he flopped to a stop parallel to the shore line where mysterious waves lapped onshore and receded like some alluring gesture beckoning him to the sea. Now was his chance to leave it all behind in the hopes for something better.

He pushed off and began to roll toward the waves.

As he hit the waves, he felt a great sense of joy. The waves didn't hurt like those rocks did! Rolling harder and faster, he pushed himself until suddenly, he was no longer touching the ground, but floating! Renewed with a sense of energy he had never felt before, and feeling weightless, he slapped the ocean as hard as he could and shot out, then dove.

Deeper and deeper he dove, just reveling in his newfound freedom. He could fly! He could finally fly!! He spent hours exploring the deep. All the new life and seemingly none of the boundaries. But what Mr. Whale didn't know was that years before, a certain giant squid Mr. Allswell had entered the deep prior to him, and the little fish were not sustaining him and his family. Mr. Whale ended up in a bad part of the deep and was presumably ambushed, suffocated by Allswell and his three enormous children, although there is no substantial evidence to support this theory.

Looking back, anyone could have said things weren't fair, and he should have lived. But in the end, he may have died so others could live, like an old cliche'. And personally I believe it was Allswell that ends Whale.

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