Taking the first step to get out of an emotionally abusive relationship.

He wasnt like it in the beginning.

We met very young when we were like 12.

He didnt start behaving like that till he reached his twenties.

By then our circumstances had become difficult.

Its not just easy to move away.

When i got this flat given to me he was a good man and continued to be a good man for years..

This behaviour came later so i was easily fooled.

If i had the money i would get another property of my own but i dont and i cant afford to.

I am unable to work as im a full time carer. So all the money goes on the disabled person.

This isnt his home its mine..

It was given to me..

His name was put on the tenancy but i didnt know then what i know now if i did i wouldnt of done it.

But i couldnt see the future and there were no warning signs.

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