Taking the jump to herion.

The truth. I get it. I had 3 knee surgeries before I was 27 and both bunions removed (in 85 when it was an inpatient procedure lasting 2 weeks). Was able to recover using pain meds responsible. I use opiates recreationally for about 10 years, dependant for another 5, and full blown iv addict for another 6. Getting clean at 43 was no fun.

Be honest. If you really want a life without opiates, it's going to be hard, but you will live and feel infinitely better when you tough out the physical pain. Trust me the physical pain after surgery is peanuts compared to the mental anguish of opiate dependence and addiction. There are alternatives. Work with your Dr. It obvious you are scared. There is help and support there. Don't be afraid to share with your Dr what you shared here. Don't dismiss therapy either. Find a Dr or office that works with a therapist as well. No one should fear being happy and healthy.

Tbh, your fears are the same reason I have put off dealing with my knee as well as my mental health. I don't want to be medicated, but I don't want to suffer....surely there must be a happy medium for us all. Good luck, and don't be afraid to put off the hard choices in life. Best of luck.

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