Taking matters into my own hands

I've met too many teachers who get off on feeling superior to and judging other teachers, convinced that only THEY have the dedication, discipline and intelligence to adequately serve the children. To rebut your point, firstly, we're all different and bring different strengths and benefits to our students. Even if we have different styles and approaches. Secondly, we're in a shortage. A qualified adult at the front of a hard to staff classroom is better than no one. And it can be implied from the comments that OP isn't planning to leave. So, the kids get someone qualified, consistent and resilient. Someone who can balance their own life and well being while being there in a very challenging context for perhaps challenging students. Who has, from their original post, presumably a sense of humour and who can perhaps make the kids laugh. It's time we stopped with the Helen Lovejoy malarkey. Why are you so eager for these kids to have no one instead of OP? Do you really think they'd be better served this way?

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