Taking a pregnancy test with your SO or telling your SO in a special way later?

my husband repeatedly asked if I was pregnant, which I denied because I tested too early and got a negative. he went away on a work trip for a week, still never started my period which was at this point was 8-9 days late (I have irregular cycles, didn’t really question it) and I just wanted to test again to be able to say affirmatively what was up. timer goes off, I go in to trash the (presumed negative) test and as it hit the can I saw the line. this was the day he was coming back, so I had to leave shortly after that to pick him up. I was so anxious after driving his coworker home I was shaking, he thought it’s due to my driving anxiety but I ended up just throwing the test at him and blurting it out. not the cinematic moment I pictured but I was in shock following an infertility diagnosis + almost a year of not avoiding pregnancy.

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