Tales From The Borderlands: Ep. 2 - Atlas Mugged

How you can say "There is no such thing as objectively good" yet say "It was well written" and "Season 2 was *bad"(. On the same sentence.

There is a difference between something you like or hate, and something that is good or bad. The difference being, a game is judged by writing, animation, acting, voice acting, scene transitions, and everything else. Judged objectively and unbiased matching it against the media, art, and other games.

Telltale's engine is objectively bad, due to flaws on it. But on PC it never had an issue, regardless tho, Telltale Fixing the engine or not is something to be talked about the Company, not the games.

Wolf had good writing, good animations, great pacing, and things. Good as in in the realm of media art and games, and comparing it with other, things. Not good as in "I liked it".

Every game is objectively good or bad, cause humans don't dictate what a final product is based on opinions dude. Shit is how it is regardless of how many babies want to cry about it, or how many fandudes want to love it. It's just a matter of seeing it or not.

And a game like Wolf stands out from Telltale games due to it's high concentration of mechanics. On Wolf, action + lack of action + refusal of action all direct the game a certain way. For examplif you are in a fight, IF you punch, WHICH WEAPON you use to punch, HOW OFTEN you punch, all have an impact on the fight and on the characters relationship[p with the story and the protagonist. Something that not most players noticed.

And like Donkey Kong Country for the SNES, where the developers intentionally added a LITTLE bit of leeway for some of the hitboxes, so that if you miss a barrel by a few pixels, you still get it. Cause it's a video game right, and it's meant to be fun. But that is an eample of Good game development, objectively good, regardless of personal preferences. And thus Telltale also has things like that, where such a story driven player-decision game, also has specific leeways designed to allow the player to tell the game what decision you want to make, even if you are not perfectly clear.

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