talk about bad rolls

How's this?

Last night I had the worst rolls, but I look back at it now and it was funny. We ventured through this what it seemed to be an endless dungeon with paths that stretched out to more chambers... with more doors leading to more paths.

My adventure buddy (a sorcerer) and eventually come across two orcs and have a tough time killing them. We dropped to about 3 hp each post fight and use our LAST healing potions. After, we venture further and come across a chamber with a single door. Me, being very impatient at this time and was sick of this maze, I decide to just run in through the door. This required me to roll a dexterity saving throw for there was a pit of spikes that lie upon entering through the door. I roll a Nat 1, and took 8 damage on the fall and broke my ankle.

Our DM allowed the sorcerer to use his staff of thorns to try and make vines strong enough to let me crawl out, which he successfully rolls for. I attempt to climb up, the DM having me roll an acrobatics check, I roll extremely low and take 4 damage. We finally reach the near end of the dungeon. Only thing now was to swim across very small lake and jump down into a hole that lead to a room where our two other friends were fighting off 10 orcs.

The sorcerer rolls great and is able to swim across. I role an acrobatics check to swim across the river, and a wild NAT 1 appears. I took 1d4 damage for every turn it took the sorcerer to swim back to me and successfully rescue me from drowning. At this point I'm down to 3 health points, and we both decide to take the rest of this with caution. We figured we could use the hole as a vantage point to not take damage and use our projectiles against the Orc. We role to climb to this vantage point and I get a nice NAT 20. The DM then said to me my ankle just magically healed from that roll but my hp was unaffected still.

At this vantage point, I decide to throw a knife at an Orc below, the Orc rolls a d20 and I lucky only got one damage from the d4. My next turn I roll a NAT 1 against the Orc, so as I threw the knife it cut off my ear and caused me 4 damage incapacitating me. My body falls back into the water from where I drowned from and I take another d4 damage every turn until my friend could pull me out. He got me out just in time with me surviving unconscious with -3 hp.

The rest of the squad beats the orcs and obtained the item they were looking for and decided to climb up the hole to regroup with us. All roll successfully climbing up to us even the brown bear companion. Our barbarian heals me with a healing potion and while our paladin loots me for all my gold and a good item I found in the dungeon. We then decided to leave the dungeon when I recovered... Only thing was we had to cross the river again.

Everyone rolls great on swimming across (even the heavy armored bear) and I roll a 3. I then start to drown again and take another d4 damage incapacitating me. We eventually all leave the dungeon and get our rewards then. But yeah, probably one of the worst nights for rolls on this character.

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