Talk Me Into It!

For a little back story, I'm a 57 year old guy who did a LOT of skateboarding back in the '70s and '80s. While cleaning my garage I came across my trusty ol' pool carver and I thought why not? I was surprised at how much fun it could be just cruising up and down my street after all these years! Next thing I knew I was driving an hour away to visit the nearest skatepark, I was older than any of the parents or even grandparents who were there just sitting on benches like a bunch of tired old geriatrics LoL Since then I've also been lookin at skateboarding videos on YouTube where I came across the OneWheel. Hello! This I gotta try! So now I'm thinking the next step is to test drive one or maybe try that 3 day rental deal? Is that still a thing?

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